Filter multiple items in Pivot

Sub FilterPivotItems()

Dim PT          As PivotTable

Dim PTItm       As PivotItem

Dim FiterArr()  As Variant

' use this array variable to select the items in the pivot table filter which you want to keep visible

FiterArr = Array("101", "105", "107")

' set the Pivot Table

Set PT = Sheet1.PivotTables("PivotTable1")

' loop through all Pivot Items in "Value" field of the Pivot

For Each PTItm In PT.PivotFields("Value").PivotItems

    If Not IsError(Application.Match(PTItm.Caption, FiterArr, 0)) Then ' check if current item is not in the filter array

        PTItm.Visible = True


        PTItm.Visible = False

    End If

Next PTItm

End Sub

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